Club Activities
Our Club Provides Fun and Fulfilling Activities for the enjoyment of Brewing and Drinking Fermented Beverages

The Foam Blowers of Indiana, Inc (FBI) is a diverse group of home brewers located in Indianapolis metro and the surrounding areas. We are an American Homebrewer Association (AHA) sanctioned homebrew club, and we welcome brewers of any skill level as well as beer and mead enthusiasts.

The FBI encourages and promotes the understanding and knowledge of world beer styles and how to brew them. With access to our large active group of award-winning brewers and BJCP Judges, new homebrewers can learn the secrets and skills needed to create great beer and other beverages. Some benefits of being an active FBI member include:

  • Learn to brew and appreciate a variety of beers, ciders, and meads
  • Practice sensory analysis alongside skilled judges to evaluate beer
  • Receive unbiased feedback on homebrews to troubleshoot and improve your brews
  • Share Recipes and Brewing Techniques