FBI Monthly Style Meetings

Style Meetings are held  at Mashcraft Fishers on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm.  At these education-focused meetings we examine a select group of BJCP recognized beer styles and sample commercial examples.  Discussion generally includes history, flavor and visual characteristics,  ingredients, and techniques used to produce the style.  Members also share personal experience in brewing these (and other) styles.  Finally, Members may bring homebrews to the meeting (of any style) for other attendees to evaluate and provide feedback.


2023 Meetings



January 4

Dark British Beers

February 1

American Strong, Double IPA

March 1

Dry Stout

April 5     

American Amber Ales

May 3        

Helles and Helles Bock

June 7      

American Blonde, APA


No Meeting

August 2  

German Wheat Ales

September 6

Festbier & Marzen

October 4  


November 1

Winter Seasonal

December 6

Dunkel & Schwarzbier